FreeBSD is dead

Everyone knows that all the BSD are on the decline and will soon die out and even those in denial knows this. On December 9 2012, an article from Slashdot confirms this for the FreeBSD project in which it explains that the FreeBSD Project has fallen short of its end of year funding target by nearly 50%. Article below:

Even a member of the FreeBSD project who could only be known as TrueSatan for fear of reprisals from his fellow project members say that the increasingly poor amount of funding in recent years is a “sign of troubled times and also a sign that FreeBSD is becoming less relevant in modern computing“ a comment echoed by prominent software engineer Lenard Peottering, the GNOME project, XFCE and so many others before them. What’s more about this particular statement is that is coming from a FreeBSD project/cult member which traditionally would have maintained a shut lip on any problems plaguing the project. Not only is FreeBSD becoming less relevant or just being pushed to the side lines, it will simply not exist as there is no actual reason for using it as even the FreeBSD devs themselves don’t use it.

Another sign that FreeBSD is going away is shown in how the project is recovering from the security incident in which FreeBSD servers were hacked and also, their release of FreeBSD 9.1. According to the advocacy arm of FreeBSD project, two servers were hacked by intruders who somehow obtained SSH keys to the machines. Even at first glance, this explanation is very fishy and open ended. By looking through all argues and profanities in the developer’s mailing list, it is revealed that the intruders were members of DragonflyBSD and OpenBSD project attempting to sabotage the implementation of FreeBSD’s new package manager called PKGNG (a less capable knock off of Debian’s apt-get) and the release of FreeBSD 9.1 as part of the ongoing fighting and hacker wars between Free/Open/Net/Dragonfly BSDs.

The hackers first exploited a handful of security holes in a FreeBSD server to obtain an SSH key for all other servers (FreeBSD project uses one SSH one for all their servers to increase convenience). These security holes were discovered in UNIX-like systems in 2007 and were quickly patched by developers in GNU/Linux. None of the BSDs however were capable of patching any of the holes due to lack of good programmers and man power. What’s worse is that all the major BSDs decide to cover this up for fear of losing more users. After obtaining the SSH key, the intruders then entered 5 other servers containing the repositories for PKGNG and the binaries and source code for FreeBSD 9.1. It is known that they manage to delete all source and binaries for FreeBSD 9.1 in the entire project and replaced packages in the repositories with copies containing DMRs. As the FreeBSD project could not afford backup servers, these repositories had to be removed and re-compiled with no backups to put on online. What’s worse is that fighting between the port maintainers and the base maintainer (as part of the ongoing infighting within the project) has led to the port maintainers refusing to recompile any of the packages for PKGNG and denying anyone else access to the source code of the packages and as of late December, no packages were recompiled. As for FreeBSD 9.1, there was no backup server containing the source or binaries and thus literally all traces of 9.1 was erased so no FreeBSD 9.1.

To make matters worse for the FreeBSD, details of the security holes and intrusion has been leaked to major FreeBSD uses and now NYI and Apache have initiating programs to replace their FreeBSD servers with Linux which are faster, more secure and a lot easier to maintain.

Clearly this shows that the end of FreeBSD is coming soon and that Apple and Microsoft, will lose their major supply of free labor and code. As a matter of fact, both Apple and Microsoft have long since ceased what little donations and contributions to FreeBSD while still taking their code as the code coming from the Free/Open/NetBSD project are often a mess, nearly impossible to maintain and off low quality. The problem for Apple and Microsoft is that they will have no code (whether low quality or not) to modify and sell to compete with Free Software and GNU/Linux. In fact, the death for FreeBSD will lead to advancement for GNU/Linux as free software projects supplying third party applications will have one less operating system to deal with and instead concentrate more on providing software for Linux. For too long has BSD being holding back Free Software and helping Apple and Microsoft.

Clearly the death of BSD is one that should be looked forward to by everyone. To those who read this article and are using BSD, I hope this article will convince you to switch to GNU/Linux as that is the future of computing.

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6 Responses to FreeBSD is dead

  1. J Hell says:

    BSD fuckers are truly misguided, and are pretty clueless when it comes to anything but spreading BSD FUD. They should grow up, get a clue, and learn something other than the junk they are being spoonfed by apple and M$.

  2. Tuxisa says:

    Yes. To Hell with those “BSD fuckers”! To Hell with them, hands down.

  3. rafraîchissant says:

    What is the future of the BSD?

    I ask this because OpenBSD had no money to pay the electricity bill and would be closed if had not appeared donor to pay this bill.

    Not worth investing in an operating system that is about to be terminated.

    Someone posted this message on the Phoronix Forums. reference:

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