OpenBSD: Not Free Not Fuctional and Definetly Not Secure

The developers of OpenBSD including the tyrannical Theo de Raadt always claimed that their operating system OpenBSD aims to be the most secure system there is and that their code is the heavily audited. In fact, the public motto of OpenBSD is Free, Functional and Secure. The truth is that OpenBSD is none of these, in fact in some of these respects it is possibly one of the worst OS to date.

For those of you who don’t know what OpenBSD is, OpenBSD was developed in 1995 by a splinter faction of developers from NetBSD lead by Theo de Raadt. Theo de Raadt created this faction after his homosexual partner and head of NetBSD Chris Demetriou found that he have an affair with a FreeBSD developer Albert la Green (See mailing list from 1994 to 1995) and thus kicked de Raadt out of NetBSD. Since, de Raadt has been in charge of the OpenBSD project which claim to “produce some of the most secure code” while at the same time, taking GPL code to make into their own.

Contrary to what they say, OpenBSD is not free in terms of how the project is governed and whether it’s users and developers are allowed to modify their the code without de Raadt’s permission. Being an OpenBSD developer is very similar to being a citizen of North Korea or being an outer party member in George Orwell’s 1984. Essentially free speech and even questions are banned on the mailing list and forums. Developers are often abused by top OpenBSD officials close to de Raadt or even worse, by de Raadt himself. At meetings, people are often physically attacked for having even a minor disagreement with de Raadt or any of his top lieutenants. New users suffer heavily, as questions of any type are met with the words: idiot, luser, dumb, useless and most commonly f%&k off. It becomes far worse if the new user is from GNU/Linux.

OpenBSD is also not free in terms of who is allowed to modify the system. Free software allows the user to modify to code and allow others to do the same. In OpenBSD, de Raadt and his top officials abuse anyone who modified OpenBSD and OpenSSH code however, de Raadt allows proprietary companies such as Microsoft and Apple to modify their code as long as the modifications are proprietary. An example of this is when Linux developers took some code from OpenBSD and added some extra code to it. OpenBSD project accused them of stealing their code because the extra code added where GPL licensed not BSD licensed (which is allowed by the ISC license used by OpenBSD) however, when proprietary software companies take OpenBSD code and make it proprietary, de Raadt and his minions remain silent and sometimes even approve of it. This goes to show how unfree OpenBSD is.

OpenBSD is not functional, due to many crippling design flaws (see in which Theo de Raadt was personally responsible for, OpenBSD is extremely slow (even slower then the copy of windows vista that is full of ad-ware and viruses and been running for 8 years), can’t handle even the lightest loads (which is why no one uses it for a firewall router) and is the only OS to crash when receiving a ping above 1 megabyte. There is also no such thing as 3D acceleration in OpenBSD. Plus it cannot handle KDE 4 and GNOME 3 (non-fallback mode) and crashes after 10 minutes when running GNOME 3 (fallback mode).

The biggest lie put out by the OpenBSD project is that OpenBSD focuses on security and clean code. A more precise goal of OpenBSD is that it focuses on claiming to be secure and help proprietary software companies against GNU/Linux and the FSF at the same time. OpenBSD developers wilfully hide serious security flaws and to this date claim that their system had only two remote holes even though shows that there are far more, none of them were ever fixed. Worse, Theo de Raadt willing allowed government agencies and possible terrorist organizations to put back doors into OpenBSD. An example of this is shown in December 2010 when de Raadt allowed FBI agents to plant backdoors in OpenBSD’s Cryptographic Framework which they had taken from Linux and illegally removed the GPL license. The firewall PF which OpenBSD claimed to have invented (which in fact is a copy of iptables with most of the features stripped away and the remaining code completely mucked up) has 3 buffer overflow vulnerabilities which when combine with the fact that it is running within the kernel can be used by hackers to taken control of OpenBSD’s kernel. Finally like all BSDs, third party applications are not audited for vulnerabilities and research has show that nearly 3 out of 5 of the applications are actually trojans.

Hopefully this article will help you think twice about OpenBSD if you are planning to use it or convince you to leave it if you are using it.

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9 Responses to OpenBSD: Not Free Not Fuctional and Definetly Not Secure

  1. Obo says:

    BSD = Incoherent nonsense.

  2. Kevin Chadwick says:

    OpenBSD lists won’t tollerate comments like your “theo planted backdoors” as well as other things not in favor to them like questions.
    In fact someone reported potential backdoors secretly planted by a dev 10 years before via a side channel attack that BSD developers would have no clue how to search for. An audit backed by Theo insued that claimed to found nothing. But Linux devs found something.

    OpenBSD lists are brill and open and moderate everything and they will tell you to look elsewhere. Arch on the otherhand even allow debate like pclinuxos on sudo on many subjects. Arch is without doubt the most democratic distro of them all.

  3. Kevin Chadwick says:

    Fuck BSD

  4. justreader says:

    1) Companies take BSD code and close it. They can’t do that with GPL.
    2) OBSD and their cunts are just shit
    3) is definitely a pile of sh*t. I could not find a mention about security considerations that the stupid devs should have.
    4) The philosophy of OpenBSD, lie to your users, mistreat them, make them vulnerable and be rule to them and make them commit suicide.
    5) is far more accurate and truthful then the errata page on OpenBSD’s website; They are obviously hiding something.
    6) Yes, the IPSEC (vs Cryptgraphic framework) scandal. OpenBSD’s pride. I doubt OpenBSD fuckers could use search engines effectively.
    7) Apple uses their close source version of pf in their OS X Lion. Thanks to BSD’s whore license.
    8) Do BSD Fuckers SERIOUSLY expect someone to review all packages’ and ports’ code?
    9) BSD Fuckers are assholes

    I cannot speak for de Raadt, and Poul Kamp-Henning’s lack of diplomacy. They are motherfuckers.

    Finally, their OS is crap.

  5. Stone Forest says:

    The only worthwhile thing about OpenBSD is the hilariously stupid songs that come with each release.

  6. rafraîchissant says:

    Very interesting OpenBSD FAQ say unreliable. reference:
    To that deliberately create an untrusted FAQ?

  7. Sucahyo says:

    Why ubuntu use OpenSSH then?

    • rpgb1100 says:

      Ubuntu and other distro use versions of OpenSSH which are modified to be far more secure then the versions originally from OpenBSD. Even then, OpenSSH still has a lot of security issues and care must be taken when use it.

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