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NetBSD: Proven insecure and flawed

we were browsing through google for some information and we found this conference talk about NetBSD rootkits also the mismanagement of security in NetBSD. What shocked us most is the fact that NetBSD never bothers to update security software within … Continue reading


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Things that BSD owes GNU/Linux

Debian Jails: If it were not for Debian creating their kFreeBSD version of their distribution, FreeBSD would not have the capability of having Debian in their mediocre jails to boast about.   Gentoo Jails: The Gentoo community tries very hard … Continue reading

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Replying to Critics at FreeBSD Forums

As of April 29th, the hordes at have discovered and read this blog. Instead of listing to what has been posted, they have decided to instead hurl unconstructive insults which we should have guested that would be the typical pro-BSD … Continue reading

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