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Why do BSD people fear systemd?

Lets face it, it’s a software engineering marvel. There is no two ways about it. Fast, reliable, versatile and maintainable, systemd is an extremely powerful piece of technology that has revolutionized GNU/Linux and it has been working wonders on my … Continue reading


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BSD encourages slavery: Sony’s Orbis OS

As you know, news has been that Sony’s new Orbis OS is based on FreeBSD. This new BSD based operating system will include the latest of Sony’s DRM tracking system which will be used to control the machines of it’s … Continue reading

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PC-BSD is spyware

Recently, I found something interesting about PC-BSD in FreeBSD forums: Apparently, PC-BSD tracks and performs surveillance on its users using a harmless looking app called BSDstats thus intruding on the user’s privacy just as what Microsoft and Apple does with their products. I did more … Continue reading

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