PC-BSD is spyware

Recently, I found something interesting about PC-BSD in FreeBSD forums:


Apparently, PC-BSD tracks and performs surveillance on its users using a harmless looking app called BSDstats thus intruding on the user’s privacy just as what Microsoft and Apple does with their products. I did more research and found out that there is something more sinister behind this and it is one of the things which shows to people why PC-BSD is dangerous to user’s who have sensitive information and that no one should even think about using it.

For those of you who don’t know, PC-BSD is an agreement and joint effort by Apple and IXsystems to create an operating system to lure Linux users and developers away from using and developing freedom respecting software like GNU/Linux to using and developing proprietary friendly software such as BSD. To hide their involvement with PC-BSD, IXsystems selected salesman and long time GNU/Linux hater and convicted serial killer Matt Olander to be the man in charge of ads and information censorship in the PC-BSD project. Meanwhile, Apple CEO Steve Jobs personally selected Kris Moore, an abusive Apple project manager and an intensely passionate free software hater to be the project figure-head. The PC-BSD project’s development team consist of ex-FreeBSD and Apple developers all of which were commissioned by Apple to develop FreeBSD into a more seemingly user-friendly system. However, their efforts when sour as PC-BSD turned out to be extremely slow, frequently crashes and could not be installed on most hardware just like FreeBSD. Attempts to improve PC-BSD in versions 8 and 9 have so far worsen the problem.

Due to all these difficulties, PC-BSD failed to achieve mass adoption and what little usage it originally had started to declined by 2009. Kris Moore and Matt Olander began looking for ways to make false statistical data in which PC-BSD usage seemed to be higher then it really is so as to be able to advertise their horrible mess much more favorably. They soon came up with enforcing a tracking system which sends information from a computer running PC-BSD back to Apple and IXsystem which adds a count to a database which they can then alter and then publish as advertisement. This tracking system would send this signal to Apple and IXsystem headquarters once a month to into a system which registers one signal as one PC-BSD machine coming online.

Moore and Olander soon came up with an extra use for BSDstats. Obtaining personal information on computers running PC-BSD. Olander, who has a history of murdering a number of Linux developers decided that he can use this system to track down and harm high profile Linux, GNU and FSF developers what he failed to remove. Apple and IXsystems meanwhile made a deal with the extremely anti-Free software company nVidia in which PC-BSD will be provided with the latest of NVidia proprietary blobs in exchange for transfer of private information and remote control of PC-BSD users’ computer through their NVidia binary blob drivers.

This is clearly a breach and violation of freedom and human rights and it just shows that PC-BSD is nothing more then spyware and that nobody should use it.

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2 Responses to PC-BSD is spyware

  1. Mewan says:

    I agree, Linux has been more reliable than BSD ever was and will be. It has been able to run my applications much faster then BSD. ( including run applications that couldn’t even work on BSD!) BSD fuckers are too biased and they have zero proof to back it up their claims. The latest version PC-BSD is less stable, and later versions will be even worse. Matt Olander is a disgusting convicted serial killer of Linux devs and users.

  2. install gen2 says:

    Apparently, there is now growing evidence that BSD project members were involved with the recent Boston bombing in with they tried to assassinate RMS but failed and instead killed many innocent people.

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