Spyware now implementing on FreeBSD.org

While browsing through the FreeBSD mailing lists, I came across a very alarming piece of development at FreeBSD’s official website.

Quote taken from the thread:

The FreeBSD Project’s Web developer announced his intent to incorporate corporate spyware into the FreeBSD.org Web site.

Horrifying as it is, it is not surprising that such proprietary friendly organisation would do such a thing. Since the 1990s, the BSDs as a whole has been assisting the proliferation of proprietary systems such as Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh in a hope that they can use them as a vehicle to destroy GNU/Linux, the operating system that champions individual freedom. This move in some sense backfired on the BSD projects as they are now forced into servitude by these tyrants they help thus resulting in little code contributions and lost of developers to these tyrants or (if the developer excepts the the facts) GNU/Linux and worst of all, infiltration and influence by proprietary interests. Today, many BSD project members area in fact operatives from proprietary and freedom hating entities steering the BSD projects to for their own ends keeping BSD from being usable and instead making the project produce code fragments that used as fuel for the development of proprietary software.

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4 Responses to Spyware now implementing on FreeBSD.org

  1. FreeBSD is a cunt OS. Use Linux for fuck sake BSD fuckers

  2. Helmers Heiners says:

    Linux is a cunt OS, fucked together of 1000 pices of programer´s scum.

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