Renewed trolling against Linux at

Well unfortunately, the people at FreeBSD forums have once again started spreading lies about Linux and GNU. This time, the subject was originally meant to start a flame war between FreeBSD and Solaris fan boys but instead one individual managed to steer the thread way off it’s original topic into dragging Linux’s name through mud. The thread can be found here.

I’m going to give my thoughts and responses to some of these comments of interest.

Post by SirDice

Yes, I can’t find my way around any Linux distribution because they all seem to do things differently.

Post by TjPhysicist

Yeah, I recently had the misfortune of doing my Red Hat certification along with my Linux+. So many configuration files in all different places. *shudder*.

Unfortunately due to his BSD logic and thinking, SirDice and TjPhysicist here isn’t able to make use of configuration tools pre-installed in most Linux distribution which negates the need to know the exact setup of the configuration files. It appears that BSD zealots do not know who to use configuration tools except in MacOSX and Windows.

Post by SirDice

Besides that, getting things done on FreeBSD involves learning how it works. That same knowledge can then be applied to any system.

Yes on FreeBSD, you have to learn a lot just to get a little bit done thanks to the poor decisions in design by BSD devs.

Going on, this knowledge cannot be applied to any other system because of a simple fact: *BSDs use the obsolete and flaky BSD style init while many other UNIX systems use the more flexible and functional System V init.

Post by SirDice

On a lot of Linux distributions it usually works with a few mouse-clicks, you can get it running without knowing how it works. It’s almost like Windows

Doesn’t that make Linux systems far easier to configure then BSD systems thus waste less time and money on configuration?

Ah, and then there was this pile of self-contradicting nonsense by BSD junky gpatrick:

Post by gpatrick

Linux does NOT offer anything over AIX or Solaris.

Either gpatrick’s company uses a very old version of Linux from the early 1990s or he himself can’t learn new things or qpatrick is an outright lair (like most BSD nutcases). Either way, there is proof all around that Linux so many things to offer over AIX, Solaris and in particular, BSD. More file systems to choose from, supports more hardware, higher performance kernel with more features, systemd, modern security (SELinux, AppArmor etc), far greater scalability etc.

Post by gpatrick

The mantra of “Linux is less expensive and saves the company money” is outrageous.

GNU/Linux’s use of simple to use configuration tools and the fact that most distributions can be downloaded for free both the cost of procurement and maintenance of Linux systems undercut those of AIX, Solaris and BSD. This has been shown in many companies and as a result, more are adopting Linux.

Post by gpatrick

The company I work for is a Fortune 150 and spends nearly $1 million per year for Linux support. Support should be quoted, because more often than not, they don’t solve any open cases. We’ve had cases open for 2 and 3 years. We’ve had problems with Apache and have been told that since it isn’t Red Hat’s rpm then “sorry we can’t help you.” Some of the Red Hat “crap” just doesn’t work either and has been removed from service like GFS at our company. Too many problems that RH couldn’t figure out and too much of a hassle.

gpatrick here is talking as if Red Hat is the worst provider in terms of support. However, think about the support a company would get if they use BSD. Nothing, no support. Because there is no company which you can go to from support and the BSD project (particualrly OpenBSD) cannot be relied upon because of their general unwillingness to help people. The only “support” an organization using BSD gets is the cryptic online handbook that only the BSD developers themselves can understand.

Post by gpatrick

We constantly have servers with filesystems that go read-only and have to reboot — on production servers.

I have tested Free, Open and DragonflyBSD before and I can tell you that data loss due to file system and kernel crash happens once a week on average. HammerFS was the worse. Also, there will be no one you could go to for help. This is not the case with Red Hat, SUSE or Canonical.

Post by gpatrick

That has never happened to me on either Solaris or AIX.

Typical BSD Orwellian doublethink.

Post by gpatrick

Right now if we “upgrade” a server from RHEL4 to RHEL5 or RHEL6, it is, overwrite the disk and restore data.

Same with BSD

Post by gpatrick

Architecture also plays a crucial role. Power and Sparc are clearly winners over the x86 garbage architecture. We have way more downtime with Linux/x86 than with AIX/Power and Solaris/Sparc.

gpatrick here must be using 1990s era 16-bit x86 hardware because today’s x86 architectures have far out stripped Power and Sparc architectures due to more investment being put into them. This is one reason why MacOSX switched from powerpc to intel x86 hardware. Even gpatrick here should know that as he is a hardcore BSD zealot thereby, uses a Mac.

Post by gpatrick

The only reason Linux has its place in the corporate world is some stooge higher up in the company sees some other stooge at another company doing it, and that moron says it is saving them huge amounts of money. Nothing can be further from the truth. I point you to the preceding paragraphs as proof.

So as I said above, even the stooges who brought in one of the worst operating systems ever developed on the garbage architecture it runs upon realize it is a pig in a poke, but they won’t change because their mistake would be very visible and they’d have to answer why they chose it.

Sounds a lot like typical BSD project management.

Post by CoTones

Little off topic, but dinosaurs so big and powerful, especially when compared to mammals, so talking about their extinction is pure nonsense, isn’t?

True, except that Solaris is a lot more like an annoying ant.

Post by gpatrick

This week at work we have had a Red Hat GFS cluster on x86 have major problems which required one of the nodes to be rebuilt. After the rebuilt was completed we were told not to join the node back into the cluster because, and this is just classic, “management doesn’t trust GFS or the hardware.”

It’s more like gpatrick screwed up his companies’ Linux installations. This is why many companies looking to hire UNIX administrators don’t hire BSD nutcases like gpatrick because they know know so little about Linux and often screw up when administrating a Linux server. They’d hire people who are good at Linux.

Post by gpatrick

So as I said above, even the stooges who brought in one of the worst operating systems ever developed on the garbage architecture it runs upon realize it is a pig in a poke, but they won’t change because their mistake would be very visible and they’d have to answer why they chose it.

Stooges are people who bring BSD in to their company even as it has been shown to be a less then efficient and effective solution even in server environments. Also, the lack of protection mechanisms such as ASLR make deploying BSD in any situation suicidal.

In terms of being a Desktop, Server, embedded or anything, BSD can easily be the worst operating system for the task. Choosing it over literally anything else is a clear sign of brain damage.

Post by gpatrick

So the stooges just pretend that $1 million per year for Red Hat support and the many hours of downtime in Red Hat Linux problems, that usually are not ever resolved by Red Hat, and defective x86 hardware is saving them money.

Again sounds a lot like the BSD projects.

Post by Crivens

Hatred? I don’t think so. Or at least hope so. Dislike, with experience to back it up? More likely.

This is typical BSD mentally on the Linux communities and free software. Fueled, not by experience or knowledge but by jealousy, fanaticism, hatred of freedom and brainwashing.

And the thread then switches to the subject of how good AIX is. Considering how much they love proprietary software such as Macs, AIX and Solaris it’s no suprise.

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9 Responses to Renewed trolling against Linux at

  1. Helmers Heiners says:

    Who trolls there is you, the truth….. You think you tell the truth, but you don´t, you tell shit.
    When you don´t like what´s in any BSD Forum why do you insist in reading there? Use your super duper Linux and shut up! No one gives a fuck what you like or use, and GPL or BSD who really cares, any OS is as good as it works.
    But thankgodness there are a lot like you who use Linux and let us alone, would be a shame if any asshole uses BSD.

  2. serginho89 says:

    This guy has no life… His only purpose is to troll BSD. Loser…

  3. Paweł S says:

    BSD is the worst shit ever. It uses the worst “Open Source” licensce which serves proprietary leeches. It uses old and legacy design principles and it looses in every possible area compared to Linux. It lacks drivers, file systems (ufs is a joke!), security mechanisms, proper package management, scalability, performance, flexibility and stability. Furthermore, most of the bsd developers are dickheads who troll against Linux on their forums. Burn this with fire!

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