Myths and Facts pt.1

The BSD license does not prevent incorporation of code into proprietary software which makes it more free then the GPL which does.
By failing to prevent the incorporation of code into proprietary software, the BSD license effectively strips the freedom of the users of proprietary derivatives the software. The GPL in contrast ensures users of all derivatives of the software have retain their freedom.

The copyright on BSD license cannot be changed or removed as the BSD license does not allow it.
The BSD license says you must retail the copyright but can modify the code. One can take the copyright and remove/change it under the protection of the modify act and thus effectively removing the copyright and the BSD license. The code no longer belongs to the old copyright owner who put the BSD license on it. The new copyright own now has the right to sue others using the same piece of code.

The BSD license is a legally valid license.
The BSD license is legally invalid as it is very short, vague and easily subjected to a wide variety of interpretations so much so that many lawyers and judges today deemed it too vague to be a proper license and thus it is moot.

With the BSD license, there is little need to worry about any legal complications, limitations or strings attached.
This is a huge lie. The BSD license’s extreme vagueness and subjectively to interpretations puts it’s all of it’s users great legal risks from companies like Apple, Microsoft and Sony who use the ambiguity of the BSD license and their interpretation as legal leverage on smaller competitors. In fact many law experts say that the BSD license is one of the most dangerous licenses for small and medium sized businesses and thus many now avoid BSD licensed code due to this.

The FreeBSD project has stated that “The GPL is that it is very favorable to large companies that want to undercut small companies and contributing to monopolistic behavior while the BSD license doesn’t”.
The FreeBSD project is nothing more then a bunch blatant liars. It is the BSD license that contribute to monopolistic behavior while the GPL actually helps small businesses. The nature of the BSD license forces code and software under it to be of poor quality and useless but none the less a huge starting point. It takes a lot of money, manpower and risk to turn useless BSD cparts and pieces such as FreeBSD, OpenBSD or NetBSD into pseudo-effective proprietary software such as Mac OSX and Windows. Many small companies lack the resources to do this while larger companies do effectively giving them a huge advantage. Also stated earlier, the BSD license can be used by larger companies as legal leverage against smaller companies. Statistics have shown that the BSD license is related to the failure of 40% of all start up software businesses each year and experts predict that statistic could be 70% if it were not for the GPL.

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21 Responses to Myths and Facts pt.1

  1. serginho89 says:

    Nice there, Pawlerson (kraftman, BSDSucksDicks, etc).

  2. Helmers Heiners says:

    Myth: you are holding the truth…. Fact: you just hate BSD and because of you this you tell a lot of shit. Go on and use your super duper Linux distro and let us serious people alone.

    • Chris says:

      Fact: That community work Leeching Apple Cancer couldnt do what they do with the gpl. Only BSDs pseudo openness makes this Possible ­čśë

    • Chris says:

      Forgot something:
      If BSDs are “serious”, why cant i use it on my serious Work Notebook? Everytime i try FreeBSD i fell like using Linux in 2000. Bad Hardware Compability, Virtually no Supoort for Current Hardware, Broken Software, etc….

  3. Helmers Heiners says:

    Because you can┬┤t doesn┬┤t meen others can┬┤t too, and what┬┤s bad about 2000? It was much better in 2000 then it┬┤s today!

    • Chris says:

      LoL. You have no clue, do you? I discussed my problems AL LENGHT at the freebsd forums. Since i never got an answer and the manuals dont give any useable information about the Problems i faced, i must assume that BSD simply is a 14 years behind. And dont tell me BSD is for Pros. PC-BSD should be user friendly. It isnt. Same shit as freeBSD, different name.
      If i ever get a Laptop from like 2000 i try the newest freeBSD release.
      PS: whats the State of nvidia Optimus on the Superior BSDs?

  4. Chris says:

    Apple basically owns BSD ­čśë Plus: They use it as a Server for their Products. Or is Netflix Supporting BSD as a Client for watching it? I thought it was a Silverlight Story…
    If its State of the art please explain how to use nvidia optimus.

    • serginho89 says:

      You know almost 100% of Linux’ code come from COMPANIES, right? If Apple owns BSD, then IBM, Intel, etc, owns Linux.
      Look, idiot, you said FreeBSD was “14 years behind”; here is a complete list of products based on, or companies that use FreeBSD:
      So Mac OS X, JunOS, Netflix’s Open Connect Appliance, IronPort, NetApp, McAfee Secure OS, Playstation 4… All use dated technology? Are you STUPID?
      Life is hard, and reality is even harder to accept; you can keep trying, though…

  5. Chris says:

    BTW, more Companies and Products use Linux instead of BSD.

  6. Chris says:

    Ah, I see what you mean: BSDs focus is on Servers because it simply Sucks as a Workstation. Now i get it. Had to think it over. Thanks for the insight.
    Windows = Games, Desktop
    Linux = Games (Steam). Desktop and Server
    BSD = Server, Apples Bitch (except for the PS4, Sony needed a Crappy License to incorporate some Stuff and not tell anyone about it. With a real free License that isnt Possible).

  7. Helmers Heiners says:

    Go and fuck you with your license shit, are you a lawyer? Linux is not free, who uses closed source drivers?
    Without BSD you wouldn┬┤t even be able to write here you troll, internet would stop, anything really serious like routers, switches and dns servers runs on BSD, Linux is to insecure and unreliable for all this. And we give a fuck how many people use BSD, or is Linux used more than Windows? Like Microsoft: used a lot= good, Linux: used little= bad, BSD: almost no one uses it= the worst? BSD Developers give a fuck how many users it has, they are interested in good and reliable code, security, good man pages etc.

  8. serginho89 says:

    I want to apologize for my appalling behavior in supporting BSDs. I especially am sorry to people like Pawlerson who tried very hard to tell me the truth to which I ungratefully abused.

    I’m sorry. Linux is better then BSD.

  9. serginho89 says:

    I want to apologize for my appalling behavior in supporting BSDs. I especially am sorry to people like Pawlerson who tried very hard to tell me the truth to which I ungratefully abused.

    I’m sorry. Linux is better then BSD.

  10. Oci says:

    Nobody says: Linux uses GPL, Linus hates Free Software. GPL and BSD are not the only open source licenses. You do not love your job but an ideology. All systems are a waste if you do not know get all their performance.

    Stop beating the chest and accept that Windows and Mac takes money. ­čśÇ

  11. AllYourRejects says:

    Sony PS4 FreeBSD Kernel. Wooo!

  12. rafraîchissant says:

    How could being posted comments on this blog if there were no BSD? Would be possible from Linux? Else, through what?

    As Patrick Tracanelli said, BSD technology has so dominated the world for decades, has made each navigated our every possible each mobile phone call, every email feasible, and today still has years ahead, making available today which will probably only be used here good years.

    Until mascot systems technological is innovation BSD . No would present existence plump fish and penguins, platypuses demonic, mechanical droidzinhos, if not for the Beastie. But logical that with the differential, plus more expressive and friendly, our mascot is signed only by a genius animator (John Lasseter) and copyrighted by a genius computer science (McKusick).

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