Blog defacement

In the past few days, a bunch of hackers managed to hack into this account and deleted all the posts written by our team. Luckily we keep backups of all of our posts.

We apologize for not responding and fixing the defacement quickly. We’ll continue to investigate the perpetrators of this incident.

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12 Responses to Blog defacement

  1. Chris says:

    BSD fanboys are sore loosers…. Sad.

    • rpgb1100 says:

      Thanks for the heads up, we have a friend that’s running and assessing it right now. His report will be published in an up coming article.

    • Chris says:

      Tried it already. Why is there a Server selection in bsdconfig if i only get the a message saying that i must change my pkg.conf. Then i looked for it and only found pkg.conf.sample.
      That is the Stuff thats makes freeBSD inferior to Linux. if i want to do everything from the ground up i would use LFS.
      And before you think im pawlerson or whatever: Im German. thats what the grammar is all about 😉

      PS: for someone who calls everyone a looser/troll/”get a life” who says something bad about *BSD (here and on phoronix) you surely waste your life here. I lol everyday i read a post that you wrote 😉

      • serginho89 says:

        Hahahahaha god… What a fucking stupid thing to say from somebody who is evidently a NOOB.
        For the record, I do write software, I do contribute to the community. I come here to laugh every now and then.
        You should do something productive wih your life; that is why I suggest suicide. It is obvious you have problems.

      • rpgb1100 says:

        It’s the sort of thing typical with all BSDs not just FreeBSD. That is why it is far more time consuming and costly to setup and maintain BSD servers. That is why Linux far superior then BSD on servers not just desktops.

    • Chris says:

      One thing more little Douche:
      I saw on phoronix that you said that someone should kill himself. I recently witnessed a suicide.
      If i ever see you on the Street i will kick your teeth in.

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