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FreeBSD RELEASE-10.0: the worst release of FreeBSD yet

Okay, so since FreeBSD 10.0 has been released, we decided to analyze what the FreeBSD project has done and report new features. All we found was a system that was more unusable then it’s earlier versions. The hardware we used … Continue reading

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Blog defacement

In the past few days, a bunch of hackers managed to hack into this account and deleted all the posts written by our team. Luckily we keep backups of all of our posts. We apologize for not responding and fixing … Continue reading

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OpenBSD’s ASLR: Weak, Not Very Random and Not Truly ASLR

Many of the red neck BSD supporters have slashed out by our report on the BSD’s lack of security. Many of them argue that OpenBSD has it’s own ASLR implementation and thus BSD as a whole is somehow more secure … Continue reading

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More software projects drop BSD as usage dwindles

Just recently, Opera software, the creator of the Opera web browser announced that they are dropping support for FreeBSD. As one would deduce, this is a very smart move on the part of Opera as the FreeBSD port of … Continue reading


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More demonstrations which show that BSD is insecure

A presentation and showing various security faults in FreeBSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD which the developers chose to ignore. Also a full demonstration on how to crack OpenBSD thus busting the myth of it’s security.

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Myths and Facts pt.1

Myth The BSD license does not prevent incorporation of code into proprietary software which makes it more free then the GPL which does. Fact By failing to prevent the incorporation of code into proprietary software, the BSD license effectively strips … Continue reading

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Renewed trolling against Linux at

Well unfortunately, the people at FreeBSD forums have once again started spreading lies about Linux and GNU. This time, the subject was originally meant to start a flame war between FreeBSD and Solaris fan boys but instead one individual managed … Continue reading

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Spyware now implementing on

While browsing through the FreeBSD mailing lists, I came across a very alarming piece of development at FreeBSD’s official website. Quote taken from the thread: The FreeBSD Project’s Web developer announced his intent to incorporate corporate spyware into the … Continue reading

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FreeBSD is more Insecure then Windows

Yesterday, We received information from a friend about some alarming information about FreeBSD and the attitude that the FreeBSD community (more like cult) has to this issue. After being banned from accessing for simply mentioning this problem, Felix Doggoson … Continue reading

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“BSD hacker” – A self contradicting term

When ever I take a look at the BSD mailing lists, often see the term “BSD hacker” been used which is a huge irony. The term hacker (before popular media used it for something else) is to describe a people … Continue reading

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