Replying to Critics at FreeBSD Forums

As of April 29th, the hordes at have discovered and read this blog. Instead of listing to what has been posted, they have decided to instead hurl unconstructive insults which we should have guested that would be the typical pro-BSD idiot response.

The particular thread at FreeBSD forums that this article is concerned with can be found at:

Now lets reply to some posts on that thread:


While surfing on the Google to learn more about our pkgng, I encountered this one:
FreeBSD’s pkgng: A broken fork of Debian’s apt-get
Is the
author telling the truth? Or just yet another anti-BSD thing?

These authors are telling the truth which you and your fellow BSD zealots don’t like.

By: kpa

Absolute bollocks. Go to the PKGNG GIT repo at and see for yourself if it has any resemblance or common code with apt.

Stolen GPL code that are incorporated into BSD projects are never published to ensure that the perpetrators are never caught. The only proof to this is the obscure section of the FreeBSD mailing list.

By: drhowarddrfine

I’ve noticed a lot of this anti-BSD posting on forums lately. Don’t know the
reasoning or purpose behind it. There can’t be any financial gain except if some
company, like Microsoft, has noticed a movement toward BSD.

Actually, they’ve being going on ever since through your first punches at Linux and publish your collaboration with Apple. These anti-BSD comments are not created by lunatics or trolls. No, the people who created these have far saner mines then anyone crasy enough to support BSD. BSD trolls have noticed them even more because they are more award of the diminishing usual and inevitable extinction of their OS.

By: kpa

GPL is losing popularity because of its design flaws that make it unusable in the modern world. The zealots are having a hard time adjusting to the reality.

Completely wrong, the number of GPL software is still growing at it did for the last +20 years. BSD and MIT by contrast is declining. The people that made this blog (yes multiple people helped wrote the articles in this blog) and the people at Phoronix are horrified by how BSD blatantly supports the tyrannical company Apple and Steve Jobs.

We are even shocked that you dedicated your 9.0-release of FreeBSD to the memory of Steve Jobs and not Dennis Ritchie (of who you owe so much more to). Look at Fedora by contrast, they released Fedora 16 in memory of Dennis Ritchie not Steve Jobs.


Maybe they’re just crazy Linux guys without any respect in their hearts.

This post is ironic as it is BSD supporters that have no respect for users of GNU/Linux. I’m using the term BSD supporters here and not BSD users because almost all who support BSD don’t even use BSD but Mac OSX and Windows instead which turns us a lot about the BSD supporter’s views and attitude on free and open source software.

By: jem

Sadly, like too many Linux advocates, this anti-BSD troll is just another
infantile imbecile with a religious extremist mindset who wants to destroy or
kill anything that doesn’t follow his own beliefs.

The concept of live
and let live doesn’t exist with these people. They’re not happy unless they’re
getting their blood up on hating something.

So you say that all Linux advocates are “infantile imbeciles with religious extremist mindset who wants to destroy or kill anything does not follow his beliefs” and that they are out for blood. The irony, considering that this is the trademark behaviour of all BSD supporters.

By: hanvsivers

Haha! Is he a real troller or it’s just a big joke? I’m just asking…
Seriously, the guy is carefully shooting in *every* direction: Apple control of FreeBSD agenda, FBI planting back doors in OpenBSD (yes, again!), OpenBSD developers behind the 2012 hacking of the FreeBSD infrastructure, OpenBSD poor reliability, the new pkgng being a poor copy and theft of Debian apt* tools… and even Theo De Raadt’s sexuality!
If somebody wants a *very* good trip to professional trolling land, go and read all his rants.

Yes, it’s all true and you being in denial doe not make it false. OpenBSD is the most sickening of all the BSD in terms of attitude of the community and design of the OS. In GNU and Linux, these sorts of things like the meddling of spies on the freedom of the code will not be tolerated. In OpenBSD, they are. And OpenBSD claims it’s the most secure OS ever. Do you see the irony here?

By: break19

Seriously, I welcome the BSD hatred, because it is advertising. Will we lose
current “customers” because of it? Not likely. BUT, even if 5 people check us
out as a result, that negative advertisement could result in new users. I’ve
done it before myself, “Why does this guy hate this thing so much? Let me go see
for myself… What? That guy is a moron, this ain’t too shabby!”

You should welcome it, cause you made it yourselves by hurling insults and lies about GNU. For years, GNU and Linux users have been trying to tolerate your crap and make something positive of it. But now, we have enough. What’s fair is fair.

Most of the people who tried out BSD hate it after using it because of how primitive and impossible to use it is. (Please see comment #3 in here please: Literally, the more people try BSD, the more they hate it.

By: jackp

Well said. There is a good deal of evidence for this trend of permissive
licensing, but it seems some people have bought-in to the GPL too deeply to

Those are from pro proprietary sources and are thus bias against the GPL.

By: mveety

When was the GPL ever really usable? I feel like most of the people that use it
never actually read it

Look at Linux, GNU, GNOME, RedHat and many other Free software projects. The GPL protected their code form being taken and used for proprietary companies and guarantees code contribution thus make those software improve quickly. BSD projects by contrast grow much slow or are stagnant. Some are even shrinking due to them giving up their license on their code to their favourite proprietary companies.

By: protocelt

He must be back on his meds. Good for him. I personally did get a good laugh out of that nonsense.

Actually, statistics show that BSD supporters have the highest percentage of drug uses of any other group of people.

By: swa

Maybe he found out might also be running FreeBSD, or might be
doing someday

Pig will fly when that happens. Frankly, people maintaining WordPress are not foolish enough to switch FreeBSD because of the costs involved, drastic reduction in speed, becoming more vulnerable, high amount maintenance required and worse, having to deal with a closed and offensive cult of supporters.

Even yahoo is sane enuogh not use BSD anymore.

By: throAU

Some people just don’t RTFM and blame their deficiencies on anything but

Welcome to the 21st century where manuals are obsolete. Now upgrade your systems.

That said, I do think packages should be promoted/supported a
bit more by the BSD project, as not everybody wants to deal with a compiler,
allocate a dedicated build machine, or install a C compiler toolchain on their
production gear.

This is the first post I find reasonable in this tread. But it’s probably going to be ignored by other BSDers like all good ideas they came across. Also, having a compiler by default is insecure.

By: kpa

IMO much of the criticism towards the old pkg_*
tools and the packages has been well founded, who wants to spend their time
fixing a broken dependency tree every time you do something out of the ordinary
with the packages. Luckily we have PKGNG now that will solve many of the biggest
problems of the old package format.

Another good post. I think you started taking your meds. the problem is that PKGNG does not fix these problems. It just makes them worse. pkg_* had a repository, packages conflicted little with ports, that you have the option of overwriting an conflict with the “-f” option and renaming the libraries later. PKGNG has none of those. It also has no verbose option like the pkg_tools. How is that UNIX-like?

By: h3z

Maybe, we the users should set up a repository. PC-BSD now has a large pkgng package repository. It is fully compatible
with FreeBSD 9.1. I think it might be missing a few packages. I don’t think I
found epdfwiew in there. But, for most using one
of the other viewer should be fine. The downfall is looking for a package via
search filter. I used to use bxpkg for
searching, but never installing. Obviously it is not compatible with the pkgng database. I have had a little luck with sqliteman. However, google ends up being less

So the users have to make their own repos now? Literary compile in the packages from the ports? How long will that take? BSD people are a unreasonable.

By: drhowarddrfine

It’s pretty obvious this guy was somehow involved with FreeBSD and didn’t fit in
or was given the boot and he thinks he’ll get revenge by writing all that. The
reality is most people are thankfully unaware and couldn’t care less. It is only
he who sits in his own sweat and labors for no one but himself.

Neither of us has been involved with FreeBSD or any other BSDs before, we’ve tried out the system (and suffered for it), experienced abuse on forum and seen the records of abuse and anti-freedom activities you cult members have perpetrated.

This article is still continually written as more posts appear on

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10 Responses to Replying to Critics at FreeBSD Forums

  1. bcwpxx says:

    Dude, those BSD assholes are zealots, they’re not going to read your replies. Why bother?

    • rpgb1100 says:

      Just in case there’s any one there who is able to think enough to question the crap shoved down his throat.

  2. Aditya Pareek says:

    i have to agree , them dedicating the 9.1 release to jobs is actually very very spooky ( makes me wonder how can they be so stupid as to reveal the level of ties they have to apple so publicly ) the fact that they believe apple helps them by taking their tech and making proprietary products out of it , is ok (well opendarwin shutdown for a reason), disregarding Dennis Ritchie is outrageous , but well this is not something only they did almost all of mainstream media did the same ( uninformed/mislead people) to them Dennis Ritchie was not relevant because they are incompetent losers to whom being provided with a false sense of security by apple and its
    “i devices” is great , don’t they realise a walled garden also doubles for a prison ?, look at gatekeeper in OS X wtf is that thing protecting you from ? do you lack the judgment skills to see if the source you are installing a package from is reliable or not ? probably you do , if not why use it ? i know it can be turned off but why not resist it ? , in the end the fact that everyone works and favors money can’t be denied ,since the FreeBSD devs are provided for by apple why will they oppose them ?

    • shelluser says:

      The 9.0 Release was dedicated to Dennis Ritchie ( I dont know where he took the false statement, that 9.0 is dedicated to Steve Jobs. Apple has also released an Open Source OS: Darwin. This is the base of Mac OS X.

      If you read the First Article of this Blog (Archive: December 2012), you (will) know his motivation: “Oh, BSD-Licensed code is sooo horrifying because it can be turned into proprietary code. Oh, The Apple are soooo terrible people because they created DRM Products (iPod&iTunes) and Proprietary iPhones and iOS. Oh, FreeBSD is sooo terrible because they colaborated with Apple making Darwin and Mac OS X.”

  3. Vasili says:

    I only just became interested in learning more about BSD. So, for the uninitiated, tell me, what is so bad about it?

    • throAU says:

      The “bad” is that it has less commercial support than Linux.

      Pretty much everything else is religious zealotry between GPL and BSD people.
      I’m in the BSD licensing camp myself (my thinking: I’d much rather commercial software vendors utilize well tested publicly available code rather than write their own bugs), others are GPL or die (they don’t want commercial developers to make money from code they’ve released for “free”).

      Rather than rely on random people on the internet, download a copy, spend some time with it to figure out how it works differently and make up your own mind.

      It’s mostly philosophical difference.

  4. Tom says:

    ..they warned me that the ban me cause i didn’t post in “correct” format.. (was my second posting there)
    never got this reaction on a forum..crazy admins without deeply knowledge in FREEBSD..

  5. throAU says:

    you took my reply out of context, it was in response to this:

    Originally Posted by drhowarddrfine View Post
    I’ve been seeing a few threads elsewhere just like that. On Reddit, a couple of days ago, one guy was upvoted 10 times on his complaint that you had to compile everything from ports and it took days to do so. When I questioned why he didn’t use packages, he said he just found out about it even though he also claims he’d been using FreeBSD since version 2.1.

    The guy didn’t RTFM, complains that FreeBSD demands he do something, when it doesn’t, he just didn’t RTFM.

    BSD is a tool like Linux. Both have pros/cons. For me raw performance is irrelevant as either system will sit on 0.10 load most of the time, or less (with 650 users) behind it. FreeBSD offers ZFS, splits the core OS from the packages and having run both for 13+ years, I find FreeBSD to be more consistent and easier to manage in an enterprise environment.

  6. Kugelblitz says:

    From the view of a Desktop Guy and newcomer to Linux, Linuxers look like old reactionary nerds and computer freaks, loving cryptical shell commands.
    I have seen how experienced Unixers (Linuxers included) have shown arrogant behavoir (or even abuse) in forums when newcomer (mostly Ex Windows users) need help.

    Then I read: “…that you dedicated your 9.0-release of FreeBSD to the memory of Steve Jobs and not Dennis Ritchie…” I don’t know where he have got this information. I don’t want to tell you anything. Check it out by yourself.

    Also look at the first blog post, then you find out what his “problem” is.

    Apple is “terrible” because it releases Products with DRM. Apple released it’s Mac OSX’s core, Darwin, under a FOSS license. FreeBSD must be “terrible” cause Apple colaborates with the FreeBSD project.
    Ironically A lot of Companies that use and contribute GNU/Linux make money with proprietary software.
    I seriously think these guys apply double standards!

    When I setup a server, I’d never use a GNU/Linux but OpenIndiana (a OpenSolaris descendant) instead. Why? When i setup a server, I want a Server OS, not a Desktop OS. Linus Torwalds stated, that the initial intention behind Linux was to be a (end-user) Desktop OS.
    …Or would you host a Website from Windows XP Home Edition (leaving aside the fact that XP is Proprietary)?
    I don’t say this because i don’t like GNU/Linux (I like GNU/Linux) but because i think, that Servers and Desktops should be seperated. Windoze and Linux make the same flaws by trying to be for servers and desktops alike.
    And if i used a GNU/Linux server, i’d use T2 SDE or Source Mage because it uses unpatched source Packages instead of patched (with possible introduction of dirty hacks and even bugs).

    By the way: Solaris/SunOS had Zones (somewhat like BSD-Jail or openVZ) before Linux was invented.

  7. Helmers Heiners says:

    How stupid must the person who made this blog be? As some server admin would give a fuck about the license of the OS he´s using… It must work and be secure apart from other things. The license? Fuck you!

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