Introduction to BSD

So what is BSD, how did I came to know it and why does it exists? Well BSD officially stands for Berkeley Software Distribution and according to the members of the 4 main BSD splinter factions, they exists to provide software that is as free as possible for any purpose similar to what the GNU Linux community and the FSF are doing. However as we shall see later, this is only just to show a good image to the public. The truth is very different and in fact opposite of what they claim on the surface. Visit their forums and you’ll know their true intentions.

How did I get to know BSD? Well I’m a Linux user, and I’m proud of that, I’ve been running gNewSense GNU/Linux on all my computers for 8 years know ever since I’ve seen the truth and got rid of my Mac OS9. I then started supporting the efforts of the FSF which help me deal with my guilty caused by running proprietary non-free software in the past. Meanwhile, I decided to see and tryout other free operating systems which don’t have use a Linux kernel as I wanted a change. During my 8 years of interacting with the Linux community and participating in forum discussions, I once in a while see the worlds BSD, FreeBSD and NetBSD and that they are also free software just like Linux. I didn’t know how clueless these people were and also I myself was also clueless so my first action was to research more about them and maybe join their forums before trying out any of the BSDs. When I first research about BSD, I got to know the license they used. I was terrified and appalled by how proprietary friendly the license was in that it apparently said that anyone can take the software and release it without the source code. Moreover, the license also stated that the software can be closed source or non-free and still be under the BSD license. I also found that the community was extremely nasty to new comes and they are much more also with GNU/Linux and GNU/Linux users. In fact, their number one enemy is GNU, Linux and FSF while they treat the evil Microsoft and Apple as friends against Linux. And so I learned and I went back to Linux but also from then on, I decided that I must help raise awareness for people to say away from BSD as it harms it’s users and promotes non-free software. I now think the FSF view that BSD is free software is wrong. I think they should also actively oppose BSD and educate everyone that it is in fact worse then proprietary software as it causes more proprietary software to be made while proprietary software itself actually prevents it due to inherent flaws in the nature of proprietary licensing.

Truly people should avoid BSD at any cost.

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3 Responses to Introduction to BSD

  1. Bozo McBozo says:

    ROFL at BSD!

  2. Kevin Chadwick says:

    yeah BSD includes plenty of proprietary code that no one actually knows what it does or if it’s safe

    Bad people are free to do bad things with it so it’s less free, the BSD logic

  3. bo says:

    What is the point of using it

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